Orange County's Finest Stucco, Drywall, and Plaster Repair!


Patchwork's was established to address customer need for a full service plastering company who specialized in Stucco , Plaster & Drywall Patchwork and repair , Basically everything larger companies where unwilling to do as the jobs where to small for them.

At Patchwork's we believe that Patching Stucco ,Plaster and Drywall is an " Art " And something that many do ! But few do well ! At Patchwork's we believe that we do Patching " Very Well " ! Using our nearly 40 years of plastering experience both here and in and England to provide expert plaster & stucco work matching existing textures seamlessly with hand trowled or sprayed finishes, leaving them ready for you to paint.

We take great pride in all aspects of our work and even more in our job site cleanliness !

Each job starts with extensive prep & cover work, masking off & covering each individual work area in your home with protective plastic, paper and tarps to protect your furniture, floors and surrounding areas from Potential Spills Dust and Texturing overspray, ensuring that on completion of your project clean up will be a breeze !

Leaving your home clean as a whistle and have you calling us back again for future work ,but most importantly of all referring us to your friends and family.

Don't be tempted by that low ball estimate, Call or Email Aston to get the job done right the first time!

When You Pay For Quality ! You Only Cry Once !!!

Vintage Plastering

As experts in interior Plastering we are fortunate to be able to offer our clients superior plastering services especially in the area of vintage home interior Plastering.

Most home owners who own a vintage home in some of the most beautiful historical neighborhoods in Floral & Santiago Parks or Anaheim Colony here in Orange County Along with California Heights and Bixby Knolls in Long Beach to name just a few, have had really limited resources when it comes to qualified trades men & women who have the trade skills required in the restoration and preservation of Vintage Plasterwork .

Most plastering contractors don't have the expertise to do vintage plasterwork so most home owners tell us they nearly always try to push them into using drywall for their project.

In our opinion Orange peel texturing has no place in a 1900's Vintage Home on an Old Barreled ceiling

At Patchworks's we can maintain the original look and integrity of your historical homes exterior stucco and interior plaster , repairing or replacing and matching your one of a kind existing ceiling and wall textures with the same love , skill and patience that was used by the original tradesmen who created them all those years ago.


We are a owner operated full service plastering company with over 35 years plastering experience specializing in the patching & repair of:

  • Stucco
  • Interior Lath & Plaster
  • And Drywall
  • Interior Plastering For Vintage Homes
  • After Plumber Repairs Of Plaster, Stucco Or Drywall
  • Electrical Panel Stucco Repair
  • Stucco Repair After New Windows And Door Installations
  • Smooth Plaster Finish Over Hard Acoustic Ceiling Texture
  • Plaster Fireplaces
  • Curved Plaster Walls And Barrel Ceilings
  • Remodels
  • Block walls
  • New moisture barrier weep screed installation